Meet the HydraFacial Nation

Zeinab Othman (Zee)

Aesthetician  /  Beachwood, OH

Why HydraFacial?

I’ve been in the skin care business for about ten years now and I have never seen the instant and continuous results that I am seeing in a multitude of different clients that have different skin types and concerns, like I see with the HydraFacial. After a short while new technology/facial machines become boring. I feel like The HydraFacial has put the spark back into the skin care business and definitely has got me feeling like the new graduate esthetician, Always excited like its the first time I’m doing a facial every time!

Skincare Advice

Consistency, in your skin care routine, do not treat a facial, or your cleanser/ moisturizer etc. like a 10 day antibiotic treatment. The only way to truly get that radiant and youthful looking skin is to keep up with it. I also firmly believe in “clean it up before you cover it up”. Makeup looks so much more nicer when the skin behind it is well maintained, you will also find yourself using much less which is a plus!

Beauty Routine

  • I like simple routines (which HydraFacial also offers!). Most folks are busy and I am definitely one of those folks... I cleanse twice a day, use a moisturizer with SPF and a night cream. I seldom wear makeup because its a job for me (I’m all or nothing hehe) so I just do my best to keep my face clean. I’m all about convenience so my cleansers are at the sink and in the shower! And my moisturizer & night cream are sitting at my dresser/mirror. I’m a firm believer you have to know what works best for your lifestyle. I of course get regular facials as well.