Meet the HydraFacial Nation

Thiyonka (Ty) Caston

Aesthetician  /  New Orleans, LA

Why HydraFacial?

HydraFacial gives you a chance to effortlessly go makeup free and feel good about yourself. It is the perfect tool for a successful skincare clientele. I absolutely love seeing the smiles on my clients faces when they see their beautiful GLOW!!!

Skincare Advice

The best skincare advice that I can give is to use sunscreen!!! Treat yourself to a Hydra Facial once a month and drink plenty of water.

Beauty Routine

  • My skincare routine is very simple. I wash my face with a Clarisonic in the morning. I treat my skin with vitamin C, moisturizer and SPF. At night I wash my face with a gentle cleanser, retinol and moisturizer. I can’t live without my eyebrow pencil, mascara and eyeliner!!!