Meet the HydraFacial Nation

Lisa Darney

Aesthetician  /  Lethbridge, AB

Why HydraFacial?

Skincare was my passion at aesthetic school! One of my models mentioned HydraFacial in passing and naturally I had to investigate.

Skincare Advice

As soon as I saw the information on HydraFacial I knew that was what I wanted for the little spa I would be opening after graduating. I spent hours researching and rereading any and every bit of information on the HydraFacial and I tailored my Spa with my primary focus being on the incredible HydraFacial system.

Beauty Routine

  • Your skin is as important an organ as any other and potentially the most beautiful and yet is often overlooked! My skin recipe = HydraFacial with CTGF booster, red LED therapy and Skin Essence Organics as my daily skin regime = the perfect combo for me. I love my skin more than I ever have! I glow!