Meet the HydraFacial Nation

Dr. Sierra Storm

Aesthetician  /  Seattle, WA

Why HydraFacial?

Hydrafacials transformed my skin! In just a few treatments I noticed reduce pore size, less congestion, more radiance, and less breakouts. In just 30 minutes I'd leave with noticeably healthier skin. I knew I needed to incorporate this system as a compliment to my medical aesthetics practice, to give my patients fast and effective results they could count on.

Skincare Advice

Beauty TRULY starts from within. We work with every patient to identify the nutrition, hormone, and lifestyle factors that are sabotaging their skin and causing breakouts, sagging, dryness, and fine lines and wrinkles. Once their internal skin game is on point, we can add in powerful topical treatments to get the skin results they're dreaming of.

Beauty Routine

  • I aim for 80 oz of water per day, take a daily collagen supplement, prioritize vegetables, and lift weights. I dermaroll nightly with a .25mm roller, use red-light therapy 5x per week, incorporate vitamin c serum and retinol cream daily, and do hydrafacials and PRP facials 1x per month to keep dullness, congestion, and aging at bay.