Meet the HydraFacial Nation

Chelsea Van Note

Aesthetician  /  Scottsdale, AZ

Why HydraFacial?

I love Hydrafacial because it's an all in one treatment that is great for all skin types! Personally the hydrafacial is one of my favorites because it keeps my oily yet dehydrated desert skin clear, hydrated and glowing!

Skincare Advice

Regular facials are necessary as our skin is constantly changing and regenerating every 30 days! Keeping up with dermaplaning, hydrafacials and medical at home care is a great way to achieve and maintain the skin of your dreams!

Beauty Routine

  • I personally struggle with hormonal imbalances so my acne is a constant battle. My beauty routine typically includes a monthly dermaplane and either a hydrafacial, chemical peel or micorneedling. I also keep up with my laser photofacials when it is not summer time or high UV exposure. At home I am consistent with medical grade products such as Revision and Skin Better. I am religious about sunscreen, AHA's, Vitamin C and a Retinol that works well with my skin!