Meet the HydraFacial Nation

Candyce Branscomb

Aesthetician  /  Phoenix, AZ

Why HydraFacial?

HydraFacial is the one treatment I can give my patients that provides them with the mechanical exfoliation they want, the chemical exfoliation they need, the hydration they desire and the boost they didn’t see coming -> WITHOUT any downtime! The HydraFacial glow is real and I’m here to give it. This HydraFacialist believes everyone deserves to LIVE LIFE FACE FIRST!

Skincare Advice

STOP over-exfoliating (1-2 times per week is enough with a gentle scrub), CONTINUE correcting (think vitamin C serums, growth factors, retinol, niacinamide, resveratrol) NEVER stop hydrating (hyaluronic acid, moisturizer) and ALWAYS protect your skin from the sun (Minimum SPF of 30 and reapply every 2 hours) if you know you’ll be out and about in it.

Beauty Routine

  • Cleanse, Tone, Eye Cream, Peptide Serum, Vitamin C Serum, Moisturizer and SPF. Same routine nightly, except I swap out the Vitamin C for Retinol. I am a believer of the monthly skin care treatment. I don’t always treat myself as often as I should, but I make sure my patients get treated monthly! Also, I do exercise to keep these skin cells oxygenated. And I refrain from over-exfoliating.