Meet the HydraFacial Nation

Brittney Redden

Aesthetician  /  Franklin, TN

Why HydraFacial?

Why not?! It is a game changer for all skin types! With the hustle and bustle of other boss babes like me effectiveness and efficiency is a must.

Skincare Advice

I like to keep it simple with my 3 C’s method Cleanse, Care and Consistency.
1. Cleanse - GIRL, wash your face! Just do it.
2. Care - Choose your skincare wisely, you only have one face.
3. Consistency - Cleanse, Care, REPEAT! Emphasis on REPEAT!

Beauty Routine

  • Mornings are simple for me. Cleanse, moisturize and of course SUNSCREEN! In the evening I treat my routine like a ritual. I start by removing the day by double-cleansing my skin. Whatever cleanser I use, I use it twice. Next, I attack with retinol (goodbye aging), then I top it all of by applying hyaluronic acid and moisturizer for the win.