Meet the HydraFacial Nation

My favorite part of a HydraFacial is how clean, beautiful, and glowing the skin looks after. I also love how smooth and even my makeup goes on for days after the treatment.

Ashley Hofbauer

Aesthetician  /  Perrysburg, OH

Why HydraFacial?

HydraFacial is my go-to facial. It never lets me down! Patients receive so much in just one treatment. It helps to pull out dirt and congestion by cleaning your pores, a physical and chemical exfoliation, infusion of antioxidants and HA into the skin. Who wouldn’t love all of that!

Skincare Advice

Retinol!!! Vitamin A is a must! I like to call it my “Liquid Gold”. It causes exfoliation in the skin- sloughs off dead skin cells, stimulating new skin cell formation, stimulates collagen- helps to smooth out fine lines & wrinkles, allows better product penetration. It is the gold standard of anti-aging!! SPF 30 or above is also always a must! We have to protect our skin!

Beauty Routine

  • AM- ZO Exfoliating cleanser, ZO Oil Control Pads, ZO Hydrafirm eye cream, ZO Daily Power Defense, Elta MD Daily tinted spf
  • PM- ZO Exfoliating cleanser, ZO Exfoliating Polish, ZO Oil Control Pads, ZO Hydrafirm eye cream, ZO Wrinkle + Texture Repair cream- retinol, ZO Growth Factor Serum