Meet the HydraFacial Nation

Andrea Bailey

Aesthetician  /  Jacksonville, FL

Why HydraFacial?

It performs numerous tasks quickly and effectively, and with zero down time! Results are immediate.

Skincare Advice

Be certain to use medical grade treatment products daily, as prescribed by an educated provider. Also get regular clinical skin treatments, such as HydraFacial. My very favorite, and the best products available, are ZO Skin Health products by Dr. Zein Obagi. ZO contains very active and highly efficacious ingredients that build collagen, elastin, and hydration from within the skin cell. ZO also treats medical skin conditions such as rosacea, acne, and melasma. Dr. Obagi has created this intensive treatment line to treat every skin health issue and provide healthy functioning and beautiful skin for a lifetime for everyone. The collaboration between Dr. Obagi and HydraFacial is briiliant, and brings the best of both together!

Beauty Routine

  • ZO Gentle Cleanser with my Clarisonic, Exfoliating Polish, Oil Control Pads, Daily Power Defense, Rozatrol, spf30 Primer, Invisapeel, Wrinkle+Texture Repair and Melamix. And certainly eye makeup and lip gloss! Real skin health takes commitment! ?