Meet the HydraFacial Nation

Alex Redecker

Aesthetician  /  Charlotte, NC

Why HydraFacial?

I LOVE HydraFacial!! - HydraFacial is one of the most Comprehensive Facial an aesthetician can provide her clients - The treatment offers all the essential elements needed to promote skin health and wellness.

Skincare Advice

My Mantra: I am Dedicated to the Science of Healthy Skin and the Art of Ageless Beauty. I assess and educate my clients thereby giving them the framework they need to maintain beautiful, healthy skin for as long as possible.

I truly believe Skin Health should be a priority - You will never regret investing time, energy or money into your skin.

It is one of the best investments toward overall health, wellness, longevity and happiness. "Looking Good - Feels Great" .

With the 'dynamic duo' of monthly HydraFacials and ZO Skin Health products I am able to keep my skin looking and feeling amazing. Adding a HydraFacial peptide serum or boosters serum during the seasons helps address my skins specific needs and provides the extra TLC to refresh and renew my skin.

Beauty Routine

  • I am 56 years old and my regimen consists of an - AM & PM Daily ZO GSR (Getting Skin Ready) along with ZO Daily Power Defense, ZO Vitamin C Serum to shield against environmental damage, ZO Contouring Serum to keep my skin tone and firm, Elta MD Elements facial Broad Spectrum SPF - contains Zinc/Titanium and Hyaluronic Acid for glowing complexion. Broad Spectrum SPF is the most beneficial anti-aging element on the planet!! (PM) Double Cleanse and ZO BrightAlive to repair and minimize hyperpigmentation.